Wait this team has the hardest 2020 NFL Schedule…..

The NFL schedule released May 7th and there’s some electric games for us all to enjoy this year for sure. Everyone has their respected teams main games highlighted I’m sure, like us Titan fans are ready to get that shot at Baltimore and those games against Indy and Houston are always playoff scenario type games.

Here are the strength of each teams schedules. Lets here your take on some of these.

RankTeamOpponents’ 2019 win percentage
1New England Patriots.537 (137-118-1)
2New York Jets.533 (136-119-1)
3Miami Dolphins.529 (135-120-1)
4San Francisco 49ers.527 (134-120-2)
T5Buffalo Bills.525 (134-121-1)
T5Atlanta Falcons.525 (134-121-1)
T5Detroit Lions.525 (134-121-1)
T8Arizona Cardinals.518 (132-123-1)
T8Houston Texans.518 (132-123-1)
T10Minnesota Vikings.516 (131-123-2)
T10Los Angeles Rams.516 (131-123-2)
12Denver Broncos.512 (131-125)
T13Chicago Bears.508 (129-125-2)
T13Seattle Seahawks.508 (129-125-2)
15Green Bay Packers.504 (128-126-2)
T16Tampa Bay Buccaneers.502 (128-127-1)
T16Indianapolis Colts.502 (128-127-1)
T18Carolina Panthers.500 (127-127-2)
T18Kansas City Chiefs.500 (128-128)
20Tennessee Titans.498 (127-128-1)
21Las Vegas Raiders.496 (127-129)
22Jacksonville Jaguars.494 (126-129-1)
23Los Angeles Chargers.492 (126-130)
24New Orleans Saints.490 (125-130-1)
25Philadelphia Eagles.486 (124-131-1)
26New York Giants.482 (123-132-1)
27Cincinnati Bengals.477 (122-134)
28Washington Redskins.465 (118-136-2)
29Cleveland Browns.461 (118-138)
30Dallas Cowboys.459 (117-138-1)
31Pittsburgh Steelers.457 (117-139)
32Baltimore Ravens.438 (112-144)
credit sportingnews.com

Wait so not only did New England have to lose Tom Brady and watch Gronk reunite in beautiful Tampa Bay, but now Roger Goodell is laughing his ass off as Bill is stuck with the hardest schedule in the league based off the 2019 season. Here’s the thing though… numbers 2 and 3 are in the same division! Hence the no panic mood from Bill I’m sure. Plus he’s still got a secret weapon on his team…. NIKE

The 49ers came in with the 4th strongest so they won’t have the easiest route back to the big one but I think they still have a hell of a squad out west. Houston with that 8th toughest is a plus for us Titan fans, even though I believe they had one of the most confusingly bad off seasons losing Hopkins. O’Brien is definitely on the hot seat this year, hopefully the Titans can do Houston a favor and put him out to pasture.

Baltimore has the easiest followed by the Steelers and Cowboys. So we’re going to have to get ready for those fan bases to have plenty to boast about even tho they have easier schedules. However let’s be honest, a lot of these teams will have it harder that this rating says, especially Baltimore. I don’t expect another 14-2 season from those boys that just my opinion.

Other notables ones for me were Chiefs at 18, look for them barring injuries to have a great record for sure. New Orleans at 24 is scary, they may go 14-2 if not better and I’m serious.

Our Titans come in at 20 this year is SOS but I’m hesitant to feel comfortable about it. Those NFC North matchups will be no cakewalk. The Bears have a new QB in Foles in town, Minnesota will be strong and Green Bay has a pissed off Aaron Rogers since they drafted a QB in his face. I have faith however and we are more than ready for the fall.

Sam Hicks B.C.N

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