The Titans 2020-2021 schedule gets me so fired up for football in the fall…

As quarantine eases a bit I find myself looking for ESPN to give me some news about the future of the sports seasons. We’ve all been in pain while sports came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To me sports are the biggest escape for us from the stress that life can have on us. I’m a sports gambler, so loses basketball was so heartbreaking, then we lost baseball opening day, which is an American holiday… unofficially but it should be. We’re getting to the end of this hiatus, fingers crossed, and we’re started to eye the big elephant in the room… NFL season. I had a conversation with my friend Steven and I remember saying, “the NFL is too essential and will be played”. Now I’m sensitive to the situation and I understand if there is another wave of Corona that we need to shut down, I get that, I’m just hopefully hopeful that we get the greatest sport on time.

Now that we have that all out of the way, the NFL is releasing the official schedules on time and I couldn’t be more fired up. With Brady’s move to Tampa Bay I’ve given my full blogging dedication to my hometown Titans. The Titans went 9-7 last year just sneaking into the playoffs and then preceded to wreck the bracket as the ran over the Pats, ending that dynasty and then shut down the league MVP Jackson and the Ravens only giving up 12 points, sorry to my guy Marcus. They fell to the soon to be Super Bowl champs Kansas City, which makes me wonder what could’ve been if they get out of that game with a W. It was a wild ride and it left the fan base 1. Bigger than ever and 2. Hungry for this season

Today is the day when we get a preview of what the Titans are up against this year and I’m going to give a little breakdown of the teams they will face and the primetime games as well. The Titans added some draft picks that will hopefully contribute immediately to the success of the franchise.

Titans 2020 draft signees

Number 1 Picks Isaiah Wilson OT from Georgia

Rd 1: No 29 overall- Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia

Rd 2: No 61- Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU

Rd 3: No 93- Darrynton Evans, RB, App St

Rd 5: No 174- Larrell Murchison, DT, North Carolina ST

Rd 7: No 224 (from the Browns) Cole McDonald, QB, Hawaii

Rd 7: No 243- Chris Jackson, S, Marshall

Here are a list of free agents the Titans have added as well to address some of the team needs.

Free Agent signings

Mason Kinsey signs from D3 Berry College

Nick Westbrook | WR | Indiana

Cameron Scarlett | RB | Stanford

Aaron Brewer | C | Texas State

Brandon Kemp | OL | Valdosta State

Teair Tart | DT | FIU

Kyle Williams | WR | Arizona State

Kobe Smith | DT | South Carolina

Tommy Hudson | TE | Arizona State

Khaylan Kearse-Thomas | LB | Arizona State

Anthony McKinney | OT | TCU

Cale Garrett | LB | Missouri

Tucker McCann | K | Missouri

Mason Kinsey | WR | Berry College

Kristian Wilkerson | WR | Southeast Missouri

Look for some of these guys to make an impact early. I’m looking at my guy Mason Kinsey from Berry College to show up and show out! Ok it’s time! Here is the 2020 Tennessee Titan Schedule. LET’S GO!!!!

What’s your guess on the record for the Titans this year? Here’s where the teams they face ended up last year.

2020 Tennessee Titans Schedule (Results if faced last year)

  • Wk1- Denver Broncos 7-9 ( LY DEN 16-0 TEN week 6)
  • Wk2- Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10 (LY JAC 20-6 TEN week 3/ TEN 42-20 JAC week 12)
  • Wk 3- Minnesota Vikings 10-6 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 4- Pittsburg Steelers 8-8 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 5- Buffalo Bills 10-6 (LY BUF 14-7 TEN week 5)
  • Wk 6- Houston Texans 10-6 (LY HOU 24-21 TEN week 15/HOU 35-14 TEN week 17)
  • Wk7- Bye Week
  • WK 8- Cincinnati Bengals 2-14 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 9- Chicago Bears 8-8 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 10- Indianapolis Colts 7-9 (LY IND 19-17 TEN week2/ TEN 31-17 IND week 13)
  • Wk 11- Baltimore Ravens 14-2 (DNP Last year, Defeated Bal 28-12 in Div Round of Playoffs)
  • Wk 12- Indianapolis Colts Rematch
  • Wk 13- Cleveland Browns 6-10 ( LY TEN 43-13 CLE week 1)
  • Wk 14- Jacksonville Jaguars Rematch
  • Wk 15- Detroit Lions 3-12-1 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 16- Green Bay Packers 13-3 (DNP Last year)
  • Wk 17- Houston Texans Rematch

Tennessee was awarded three primetime games this year. Opening Sept 14 at the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football. They also will host Indy on Thursday Night Football Nov 12th, and are scheduled to play at Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football on NBC December 27th.

We’re all fired up for this season and this schedule does not disappoint. Great matchups and the Titans have added some tools to improve on the amazing season from last year. The division favorites should be Tennessee as the Jaguars sent Foles to Chicago and Houston shipped off one of the best wideouts in the league in Hopkins to Arizona.

Now that we have all this information there’s only one thing left for us all to do…..