Well….Cancel 2020

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a degenerate gambler. Well imagine being this close to March Madness and the MLB season only to find out that a disease that shares the name of a BEER has stopped the entire sports world completely. I had 4 bets for the morning slate and before you know it I just go to my ESPN app and see canceled everywhere! This has to be the wildest thing to have happened in sports in my lifetime for sure. I understand completely since we have no idea what to do about the spread of this thing, but it doesn’t make it any less shocking. Listen if the money making major sports are shutting down operations then I know it’s the real deal because these billionaires usually are pretty relentless, minus Mark Cuban, he’s cool.

We’ve had around 1422 people in 45 states so far with 38 deaths. The elderly are extremely vulnerable to the disease especially if in bad health.

Source: NY Times

Washington has the toughest hit of all so far with 341 cases with 29 deaths so far. They’ve banned gathering of over 250 to try to stop the spread. The map above shows clearly that no state is really safe of this thing and I haven’t heard enough about answers. Look I get it, many people are dying of other issues we’ve had forever. Hell the regular flu kills more than this thing, but it’s the unknown knowledge about this that makes it such a big deal. The symptoms are apparently much less severe than SARS or MERS but it spreads way faster.

Check out this visual that shows the speed of the spread.

This is the first time in my life and many of yours that we have zero sports going on at all. What am I supposed to bet on? You can even have a crowd at an esports even. It’s devastating. Sports are people’s release from the stress of the real world. I tell you this much, we may have us another baby boom because of this. I mean seriously, what are people supposed to watch at Buffalo Wild Wings? Reruns of March Madness while we hold a candle light vigil? Why not just postpone? Why hit the cancel button so fast?! Play it in May, June, July, whenever just give us the Madness baby!!!

Hell I don’t even watch baseball really and I’m even sad about the push back of the season. I was looking forward to the Yankees hitting bombs and the Astros getting boo’d to oblivion. Don’t get my started on the damn Olympics! Blow that torch out and just wait till 2024 ok really. The XFL obviously is next and then it’s just watching ESPN like it’s freaking Fox News. Lord help us all if this isn’t resolved before NFL season….Just end the world already…

Sam Hicks