Don’t take away from Tannehill’s performance

I follow every Tennessee Titans group on social media and I know what I see everyday. Mariota or Tannehill, it’s literally like some fans act like this isn’t for the same team! I get that a lot of people wanted Mariota to be the guy and he’s had some success, but at this moment he’s been clearly struggling and they had to make a change at the position. Not being able to accept Tannehill at he helm of our hometown squad when we don’t know what he can bring to the table for us is bananas. What he brought to the table yesterday was a 23/29 for 312 and 2TD and 1INT.

Credit: NFL

That’s the first 300 yard passing game for Tennessee this season and we needed to throw to win yesterday. Now listen I know Tannehill wasn’t perfect and I’m for sure not saying Tennessee isn’t going to look at QB in the draft. What I am saying though is enjoy the 300 yards a Titans QB threw for in a wild win. Tennessee fans just wanted to see their team get that feeling of winning and feed off of it going forward.

Titans have the Bucs Sunday and they’re struggling recently, so if Tennessee could pull off a win against them and Tannehill can come out and look good then we have to support him. The fans have to #TitanUp and get the volume back up in the stadium. Division games are coming and Tennessee needs to get back to being hard nosed and grimy.

Sam Hicks B.C.N.

Twitter: samhicks615