College Football is Back… Wk1 Bets are a Full Send Baby!!!

I was sitting on the couch Thursday at 6pm when I seen a tweet from Pat Mcafee before his broadcasting debut on ESPN. UCLA vs Cincy with UCLA favored by 3. Then I remembered something… it’s degenerate season! My favorite time of the year PANTS DOWN!!!

Listen there’s nothing better than going over spreads, betting parlays, and sweating it out on Saturdays. Of course there’s a lot of heart aches, but it’s raw emotion when you’re into each game. I love having a group of friends with bets on the line and watching the scores all day. This will be legal nationwide soon and money will flow $$$$

The juggernauts this year are the same as previous years.

  1. Bama
  2. Clemson

I’d usually add Ohio State in there but they played down to competition some last year and cost me some wins. I expect Clemson to cover most spreads this year, however they have a huge game against Texas A&M 9/7 that may be closer than expected. Alabama’s test 11/9 against LSU doesn’t look like it will disappoint as well.

This week I took a look at some notable spreads:

  • Ohio State 27.5 against Florida Atlantic
  • Florida State -7 against Boise State
  • Alabama 32.5 against Duke (Hammer this) 🔨🔨🔨
  • LSU 27.5 against Georgia Southern

If you’re into sports spreads like myself then you may have seen a few others that look tasty. This is the greatest time of the year people. Sports unite nations and gambling unites the world!

Degenerates… ASSEMBLE!!!

-Sam Hicks BCN