Dear Trousdale…

Traditionthere are many definitions to the word and many views on what it means to us as people. They bring groups of humans together for a common purpose to believe in something that’s so real to them. With so much evil in this world today it’s a beautiful thing when something can bring together people to escape and be a part of something. For myself.. for my home.. for Trousdale County… that’s Yellowjacket Football.

Credit D1 Highlights

The Jackets look to open the season this year against Friendship and the vibe is excitement around town. Blake Satterfield, a classmate of myself back in 07, takes over the helm this year. As a third generation coach of the family you’d expect a lot of pressure on the young man, but Blake is different than most. This is a tradition rich program and few have succeeded trying to come in meet the expectation. In my opinion the only coach to successfully lead a Jacket team without the last name Satterfield was Kevin Creasy, who continues to be successful now at Oakland. What I expect is for Blake to take what he’s learned and implement it in his own unique way, it’s definitely his time and the city is buzzing.

I wanted to take a moment before the season kicks off to show respect to those that came before. The teams we debate about and put TC on the map. If seeing these photos don’t get you fired up and make you wanna drive to Friendship on Friday then you’re either just not from Hartsville or…. no… that’s the only thing I can think that would prevent you from getting fired up.

Jim B Satterfield

Credit TSSAA 1972

1972. If I’m counting correctly that’s 26 players on this legendary team that won it all. Here’s there road in the playoffs to winning it all:

  • Trousdale Co 30, Lafayette 18
  • Trousdale Co 30, Ketron 21
  • Trousdale Co 12, Kingston 0

Jim B then successfully made it back in 73,74, and 75 making it known in Hartsville that we expect to be playing after thanksgiving. It was the beginning of everything. I’m sure if you ask Clint Satterfield (son) or Blake Satterfield (grandson), they tell you that the heart of Trousdale County Football was birthed in the 70s.

Clint Satterfield

Listen before I list these TSSAA didn’t have 97 and 98s pictures from the state wins on the site. I know a lot of players from those years that deserve to be in this and as soon as I get them this will be edited with them in it I promise 97 and 98 we love you.

Hall of Fame Coach Clint Satterfield

Clint Satterfield is… I’ll say it.. the gold standard for high school football coaching. Rarely does someone do something that people are just like ” yeah he’s made for this”. That is Clint Satterfield. I haven’t met someone that was been able to get so much out of someone when it doesn’t seem like that kid should be able to play. Teaching men to have self responsibility and discipline was a bonus to getting to be a part of this legacy and you knew you were just better playing for him.

Credit TSSAA 1990

1990 Clint captures his first with absolute studs! Undefeated and just flat out better than the teams they faced. Take a look at this road to the ship from the boys.

  • Trousdale Co 38, Monterey 0
  • Trousdale Co 52, DCA 6
  • Trousdale Co 35, Coalfield 0
  • Trousdale Co 18, FRA 14
  • Trousdale Co 14, Hollow Rock-Bruceton 7

Side note: DeWayne Harper still holds that 91 yard run from scrimmage record against Bruceton. Anyone have that video?

Credit TSSAA 1993

1993 Satterfield and the Jackets are back dancing again. Trousdale County is one of the smallest counties in the state and if you say the name people know of us and know football is king and these teams got to see the Jackets in action as they captured Satterfield’s 2nd Gold Ball in a couple nail biting victories along the way. Wow! Let’s go!

  • Trousdale Co 35, Charleston 6
  • Trousdale Co 15, Greenback 14
  • Trousdale Co 16, South Pittsburgh 14
  • Trousdale Co 14, USJ 0

As stated before I was missing the photos from the 97 and 98 teams but I do however have their road to the Gold Balls here. Anyone that can get me those pictures please message me ASAP! Let’s take a look as Satterfield gets his back to back championships

1997 and 1998 were wild for records from the Yellowjackets. I’m going to give you some amazing stats here that some of you may not know. Also let’s mention some winners of awards as well. In 97 and 98 American General Lineman of the year Michael Scruggs is one of the best to every put on a purple and gold jersey. Just better than anyone he lined up against and I could brag on his skills all day because if you talked to him he won’t. Humble country boy that just racked up awards in his day. T.C. Payne was the quarterback for these teams as they won back to back. He was offensive MVP in both appearances. You wanna talk about toughness and running the ball down the throat of the defense? Then you’re talking about these teams. Record for rushing yards in a championship game…546… IN ONE GAME!!! Trousdale County vs USJ in 1998. I had to double check this. These boys were BAD! Let’s see how the Jackets run to the ship was.


  • Trousdale Co 49, DCA 6
  • Trousdale Co 41, Celina 12
  • Trousdale Co 56, CPA 0
  • Trousdale Co 48, Oneida 7
  • Trousdale Co 45, Clarksville Academy 0


  • Trousdale Co 35, FRA 0
  • Trousdale Co 37, Friendship Christian 0
  • Trousdale Co 28, CPA 18
  • Trousdale Co 42, South Pittsburg 32
  • Trousdale Co 63, USJ 18

The fact they don’t have there pictures online from these monster teams is wild because they were so dominant I’m just assuming the photographer went home early because they were just finishing teams off. What a time to be alive in these two years. Wild!

Credit TSSAA 2005

RTD- Return to dominance was the battle cry of this 05 squad. Undefeated and scoring in bunches. Dustin Dillehay at QB had the arm to throw and the legs to make you pay if you got too soft. His QB draw in the championship game is still a classic. There was so much talent on this team they could’ve competed with other classes that year. This was Clint Satterfield’s 5th Gold Ball as he showed us once again why he’s a hall of famer just like his father.

  • Trousdale Co 70, Tennessee Temple 22
  • Trousdale Co 41, Gordonsville 20
  • Trousdale Co 28, Friendship Christian 21
  • Trousdale Co 35, Hampton 0
  • Trousdale Co 52, Union City 16

Kevin Creasy

Kevin Creasy is still winning championships after he’s moved on from Trousdale County and he’s a special coach and will by the end of it all should be a hall of famer as well. During his time here he showed us that he had the talent to follow a legend and bring home the championship in a championship or bust tradition town.

Credit TSSAA 2008

Creasy wasted no time joining the list of legends in Hartsville winning in 08. Not dropping a game and it never felt as if they were going to that season. The culture was still there and Kevin’s IQ was evident. Here’s their road to victory.

  • Trousdale Co 49, Silverdale 6
  • Trousdale Co 52, Watertown 14
  • Trousdale Co 13, South Pittsburg 6
  • Trousdale Co 23, Oneida 10
  • Trousdale Co 31, Jo Byrns 14
Credit TSSAA 2009

2009 the Jackets only drop 1 game and come back strong with another incredible playoff run to bring it back to back first time since 97-98.

  • Trousdale Co 38, White House Heritage 16
  • Trousdale Co 28, Friendship Christian 14
  • Trousdale Co 7, McKenzie 0
  • Trousdale Co 13, Boyd Buchanan 7

Close to the end of Creasy’s run here he captured one more to give him 3 as the head ball coach of the Jackets. Once again unbeaten.

Credit TSSAA 2013

Kevin Creasy will always be special to Trousdale County. He built his own legacy and is well respected and we still cheer for him to continue to be successful in his coaching journey. Here’s the 2013 teams playoff run.

  • Trousdale Co 31, Goodpasture 19
  • Trousdale Co 41, Marion Co 14
  • Trousdale Co 34, Knoxville Grace 27
  • Trousdale Co 21, Adamsville 12

Blake Satterfield


Here we are.. we’ve reached the current head man for your Trousdale County Yellowjackets. The 3rd generation Satterfield to have the prestigious position. Friday night belongs to you my friend. This has been in the cards for you and the town is more excited than they have been in awhile. Legacies are a wild thing. To ascend in what you do, to make people remember you for your impact, you get things out of people they don’t even know they have. Trousdale County, we pride ourselves on being full of pride and tradition. Jacket Pride. It’s impossible to think of Jacket Pride and not think of the last name Satterfield. So key players graduated from last years runner up team of 2018. The team this year is young and growth will be needed, but there’s never been a more exciting time to be a Yellowjacket. To the players, to the coaches, to the fans. It’s Yellowjacket Football time again in Trousdale County! Let’s….GO

Insert next Championship pictures here soon


-Sam Hicks B.C.N

10 Replies to “Dear Trousdale…”

  1. Sam, great words on what will certainly become an even bigger story for years to come. The tradition here is special thing, the greatest fans for this sport is an understatement. My family just spread a portion of my uncles ashes beyond the end zone, where he stood for 25 years watching the YELLOW JACKETS. It’s my hope that the players will continue to understand the importance of what there doing. It’s so much more than “just a game” for so many people.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s incredible man. Thank you so much for the comment. Your uncle will be watching this year. I hope he gets to see some magic


  3. Great read! I saw this amazing stat a couple of years ago just to add to your article.
    “The 1997 undefeated championship team should be considered one of the best teams in Tennessee high school football history. That team still holds the record for points scored in a season with 733 points through 15 games. The biggest stat from that season is the fact that they outscored their opponents 733-63.” *CoachT

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  4. I know exactly where you are coming from. No matter where you end up in this vastly enormous World, YOU will always be a Hartsville native. I am proud of the fact that gleaned such positive love from your beginnings.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. what fabulous fun!!! we were there every Friday night in the 70’s…. wonderful memories of Coach Jim and his teams❤️❤️❤️😎

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have known Blake Satterfield for years. Blake and my son Nicholas crowder graduated the same year and I have taken them to movies numerous times when they were middle school and high school. He will be a great coach like his granddad and dad so I say so I say good luck coach Blake Satterfield you will be a champion

    Liked by 1 person

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