What did we learn from the first football action of the season?


We’ve waited patiently for last night to arrive. Yes, I know the “it’s only preseason chill” people will come after me from the clouds, but screw you evil people this is what we’ve craved since the end of the NBA Finals. So what were you most impressed with last night. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable performances.


5-5 for 67 yards a TD and a 158.3 RTG for the rookie that was boo’d as he was drafted. The kid has the size you want at QB and also has some wheels to go along with it that we haven’t got to see yet. It’s early but a good start for the kid. Watch his drive below.



6-7 for 44 yards 0 TDS and a 92.9 RTG for the #1 overall pick in his debut for the Cardinals. He looks posed and sharp last night as they kept it simple for the QB. I’m still skeptical due to his size but the league rules cater to QBs so he has a chance to be productive in the league if he does his job. Looking forward to seeing more of him. Highlight of his night below.



8-14 for 117 0 TDs and 2 INTs for the Ohio State Alum. It wasn’t the start he wanted to get his career started, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this kid doesn’t have what it takes to be the leader of this squad. He’s been a winner his entire football life and it seemed like he had some flashes of showing us his skill he just has to dial it in and take what the defense gives him. You don’t want to handcuff him and hurt his potential. I’ll hold my judgment until I get more film on him. See his action here.


The Established Young Guns

  1. Baker Mayfield picks right up where he left off going 5/6 for 77 yards and 1 TD. The Browns looked extremely sharp and look to have an awesome season in a tough division!
  2. Sam Darnold came right out and picked the Giants secondary apart going 4/5 for 68 yards and a TD. He doesn’t have a ton of weapons at the wideout position but having Bell and RB will keep the defense honest and open the field up for them.
  3. Lamar Jackson wanted to come out and answer questions we had about his arm and he did just that in this game. 4/6 for 59 yards and 1 TD, Jackson was throwing into small windows and never used his legs. We know he will since it’s a large part of his game, but he’s definitely out to prove that he can beat the secondary with his arm this year. We will see what he has when the games count.

What Else I Seen

There were 11 games last night so there was a lot to check out, but a few things I noticed

  1. Patriots defense looked strong. They have a great linebacking core and the secondary locked Detroit up so hard there were zero windows to throw into.
  2. Tennessee has a quarterback situation even if they say they don’t. Both QBs looked good not great but fans seemed to be split between the two. I’m leaning more toward Mariota but Tannehill isn’t making it easy throwing for the 2 TDS in his debut.
  3. The Browns defense is a hell of a lot better than we are giving them credit for.
  4. Baltimore’s defense may be even better than last year. They’re the real deal
  5. The AFC North is the toughest division in the league if I had to pick one right now

The season starts September 8th and I’m pumped to see how these stories end up. We’ve seen the beginning and it’s too early to judge them, but these rookies looked great last night! Baker is a stud in Cleveland and if you’re a Browns fan you will have fun this year! Tom Brady is going for #7 but the competition is going to be stiff this year.

Football is back. All is right in the world…

-Sam Hicks B.C.N